COBE Undergraduate Research Bootcamp (August 14 - 18)

This summer, COBE hosts the second annual undergraduate research bootcamp in partnership with PENdulum Global at VCU. Participants will learn about SPSS (the user interface as well as syntax) and leave with detailed knowledge of the Spit for Science (S4S) dataset and codebook. Activities include didactic instruction, hands-on learning and group research projects. Participants will be required to attend sessions each day (August 14 - 18) from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm with a break for lunch. Applications are currently closed for this year, but check back soon for more information about applying for next year's bootcamp.

We hope that this project will engage students in dialogue about the substance use and emotional health, the role of genetics and the environment in health and behavior, the promise and challenge associated with genetic research, and the ethical issues surrounding human research projects. The topic is rich for many different discussion directions to engage VCU students with the possibility to integrate into themes across the curricula in departments ranging from the sciences to the arts. We hope that faculty across many departments will consider incorporating themes from the Spit for Science project into their courses, as appropriate.

Below you’ll find examples of ways VCU faculty and staff from numerous departments have incorporated the Spit for Science project into educational opportunities. If you would like to talk to someone about partnering with us, would like someone from our team to guest lecture, are interested in using data in your class, etc., please e-mail us at

Finally, we encourage you to check out the innovative coursework and translational research activities of our partner organization, the College Behavioral and Emotional Health Institute.

  1. In partnership with Dr. Abigail Conley, graduate students in VCU’s Counseling Psychology program partnered with the Spit for Science undergraduate research class to get practical experience in how to help organize and oversee educational events related to Spit for Science in VCU residence halls.

  2. Students in the Dept. of Communication Arts, with guidance from Assistant Professor Sarah Farris, created infographics using Spit for Science project data.

Keep in Touch!

Have you incorporated themes related to Spit for Science into your classroom? Are there other ways that you would like to incorporate Spit for Science into your classroom? Have you come across any interesting or relevant articles on topics pertaining to Spit for Science? Please, let us know! We would like to use this website to disseminate educational materials and ideas, and we would love your input!